Selective Focus


Selective focus is when a limited depth of field is focused sharply on the specific part of the subject, highlighting and emphasizing the specific area of interest, while the rest of the subject is clearly out of focus, falling into the blur of the background. Although the parts that are in focus and the parts that are out of focus are equally as important, selective focus draws specific attention to a particular detail which evokes a meditative or contemplative mood when viewing the subject in context of its blurred but recognizable surroundings.

Selective focus, as it pertains to my personal design methodology, is about finding that one detail or attribute that makes the subject unique and special, then emphasizing it and bringing it to light. It is about looking at the subject from a unique and different perspective that is intrinsic to and special about the subject matter and which usually is more than what meets the eye.

I feel that the concept of  selective focus permeates the design process in all perspectives, from the first stages of research and conceptualization, to the observation and distillation of the idea, to the way in which it finally reaches the audience.